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How to Disinfect your Home During Covid-19

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

How to Disinfect your Home During Covid-19

With the outbreak of the deadliest pandemic of the decade COVID-19, constant cleaning and disinfecting your surroundings have become essential to stay healthy and maintain hygiene.

But only this is not sufficient as the virus settles down on any kind of surfaces and can infect anyone via human touch. In these circumstances, we have realized that only wearing masks and sanitizing is not enough, but rigorous cleaning of the frequently touched surfaces is of utmost importance.

Recent research found that coronavirus remains in the air for up to three hours and settles on surfaces such as cardboard and plastic for about 24 hours and three days respectively. So it is necessary to keep your homes clean and disinfected. Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore is providing you a complete guide on How to Properly Disinfect Your Home.

How disinfecting is different from cleaning?

Many people believe that cleaning and disinfection are the same things but there is a major difference between the two. When you clean something, you simply remove the dust and dirt from the surface using a cloth or a polish. Whereas when you disinfect something, you aim at killing the virus or bacteria living on it using a chemical or heat. For example, when you spray hydrogen peroxide on the sides of toilet bowl, you are disinfecting the surface.

Which products to use for disinfecting?

Not all products are suitable for disinfecting and eliminating coronavirus. Make sure which products you are using for this purpose, some of the generally used and NEA approved products that you can use are listed below along with their active ingredients:

  1. 3471 NOVIRUCLEAN RT 1/30

  2. Aeris active

  3. AQ Germs Killer

  4. Bin Buddy Spray Citrus

  5. Dettol Anti-bacterial Surface Cleanser Spray

  6. KLENCO Sanifect

  7. McClean DeGerm Spray n Wipe Bactericide ~ Perfumed

The EPA advises letting the product sit and remain on the surfaces or objects for about 10 minutes, which will kill 99.9 percent of the germs.

Why Choose Spring Cleaning Services?

We are one of the cleaning and disinfection service provider Singapore listed in NEA list of companies that can carry out disinfection works so that you can be at peace and leave your homes to us, we will make it healthy and virus free.

You can consider engaging with Spring Cleaning Services Singapore for hassle-free disinfection services; we have always assisted our customers with convenient services at very affordable prices. Our team of committed professionals is dedicated to their work 7 days a week.

Most common surfaces to be disinfected

It is impossible to clean or disinfect your homes completely every day. This is one of the important points i.e. How to Properly Disinfect Your Home? Our focus should be on disinfecting the areas which are most commonly touched or used. The most used surfaces are:-

  • Door knobs/handles

  • Cupboard drawers and handles

  • Faucets

  • Kitchen and bathroom counters

  • Cell phones, tab, and computer keyboards

  • Railings of the staircases

  • Furniture surfaces

  • Light switch panels

Precautions to take while disinfecting

While disinfecting it is also very important to consider a number of precautions to maintain safety and health:

  1. If you have a sick person at home, keep them away from the others. Use a separate bedroom and bathroom. Disinfect the area only when necessary, this will limit your contact with that person.

  2. Clean the toilets with a separate set of equipment using a bleaching agent and dispose of these later.

  3. Try to keep the windows open for ventilation.

  4. Keep the chemicals and disinfectants out of reach of children.

  5. Always remember to wash your hands before and after the disinfection work and never miss out on wearing gloves and disposing of them later. Also, remember to use a PPE (personal protective equipment) while disinfecting.

NEA guidelines on 8 Steps to follow while washing your hands:

NEA guidelines on 8
  • Wet hands with clean, running water and apply soap. Rub palms together to make lather

  • Scrub in between the fingers

  • Scrub the back of your hands

  • Scrub your thumbs

  • Scrub your palms

  • Scrub your nails and fingertips

  • Scrub your wrists

  • Rinse and dry your hands with paper towel

6. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, nose, and face while cleaning.

7. Alcohol-based disinfectants are flammable; so do not spray it into the air.

Once you start this routine of disinfecting surfaces, you will develop a habit of doing it frequently which will in turn help you maintain hygiene and cleanliness around you.

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