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Disinfection Service Singapore | Commercial and Residential Disinfection Singapore

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Disinfection Service Singapore | Commercial and Residential Disinfection Singapore

In these difficult times of a global pandemic, disinfection service Singapore plays a very important role in maintaining the safety and well being of every individual at your home or workplace in Singapore.

Keeping in mind the invisible threats such as viruses, bacteria present around us, it is of utmost importance to always keep our surroundings clean. However, it is essential to know the importance of disinfecting; while disinfecting, we are entirely wiping out surfaces and killing the virus using NEA approved chemicals/disinfectants.

We here at Spring Cleaning Services provide you with the best disinfection service Singapore to ensure every corner of your surroundings is thoroughly clean.

Why choose us?

  1. We use high quality non-allergic and non-flammable disinfectants

  2. We use good quality equipment for your needs

  3. Use of biodegradable and environmentally friendly products

  4. Removal of unpleasant odors

  5. A committed and well-trained workforce

  6. Works against coronavirus, E.coli, S.aureus, P.aeruginosa, S.typhimurium, and many more.

Disinfection of Office, Residence, Gym, Childcare Center, Nursing Homes

We specialize in providing Disinfection Services Singapore in various domains such as:

  • For Offices: It includes disinfecting of the furniture, table, chairs, curtains, walls, and office pantry as well as toilets.

  • For Residence: It includes disinfecting the hall along with table, chair, furniture, curtain, and door. Also disinfecting the toilets and kitchen that will make your home free from all types of germs or viruses.

  • For Childcare Centre: It includes disinfecting of common areas together with a table, chair, curtain, furniture. Also disinfecting the toilets as well as a pantry.

  • For the Gym: It includes disinfecting of all the gym equipment along with the lobby, shower rooms, dining area, corridor walkway, and all the toilets.

  • For Nursing Homes: It includes disinfecting the office along with chairs, tables, walls, curtains, doors, furniture also includes a common area dining hall, corridor walkway, and lobby. We will also disinfect kitchens, patient rooms, toilets, and shower rooms.

Office Cleaning Singapore

Keeping your office clean and safe for your employees in these times of worldwide pandemic is of significant importance. Are you looking for a reliable cleaning agency for all your cleaning needs? Spring Cleaning Services is here to tackle all your Office Cleaning Singapore hassles. We have all the needed workforce and tools as per our customer needs.

Our Office Cleaning Singapore service includes the following:

For offices: Our team will wipe the desk, chair, cabinet exterior, telephone. Sweep and mop the floor area, vacuum carpet flooring additionally will empty all the bins. The team will also be responsible for cleaning the pantry where they will be cleaning the tabletop, fittings, washing cups and utensils, washing the pantry sink, and changing the trash bags.

The office toilets will also be included in the above service where they will be cleaning the washbasin, urinal basin, toilet bowl, cleaning of the cubicle partition, doors, and fittings. Also, cleaning the toilet flooring, mirror, and changing of the trash bags would be included.

House cleaning Singapore

Keeping your house clean and fresh is one of the most vital and difficult tasks in our daily lives. But our customers at ‘spring cleaning services’ Singapore rely on us for their easy and hassle-free house cleaning Singapore services. We follow prompt and systematic cleaning procedures.

Our services in this domain include cleaning of:

  • Kitchen: It includes cleaning of tabletop, fittings, gas stove and exterior of hob, wiping of walls and exterior kitchen cabinet, washing sinks, and basin. Changing of trash bags.

  • Bathroom: It includes washing of basin, toilet bowl, shower screen, wall, and floor tiles. Cleaning of the mirror, door, fixture and fittings, rack, drawer exterior, and change of trash bags.

  • Bedroom: It includes changing of bed sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover, cleaning of the ceiling fan(within the ladder reachable height of the room), vacuum carpet flooring, sweeping, and mopping of the floor area, and change of trash bags.

Living Room: It includes cleaning of the window, grille(only interior) cleaning of ceiling fan(within the ladder reachable height of the room), wiping the exterior of furniture and fittings. Also includes vacuum carpet flooring, sweeping, and mopping of floor area. Cleaning of mirrors and doors are also included.

Childcare Disinfection Singapore

Given the hectic lifestyles in Singapore, parents are often busy in their work and choose to send their kids to childcare centers, playschools, or creches. It is the primary duty of the centers to always keep the surroundings of the school clean and safe for the children as they are more vulnerable to viral and bacterial diseases than adults.

Disinfecting the place is a better option than just cleaning it as cleaning a surface only wipes out dirt but disinfecting kills the viruses present on the surface. Childcare disinfection Singapore always keeps your child’s safety first.

How to ensure a clean surrounding in a childcare center?

Apart from practicing good hygiene such as washing your hands frequently with soap just before having your food or after using the toilet, maintaining clean surroundings is also very important.

To protect children from various unknown diseases, it is important to carry out intensive disinfection throughout the childcare centers.

Why choose Spring Cleaning Services?

Our team is committed to protecting your child from any airborne diseases. We implement every possible measure and tools to clean the childcare centers.

Our services include:

  • From one-off disinfection or request using a special disinfectant that can protect and last for 3 months.

  • Cleaning window panes with spot-free glass cleaning methods.

  • Washroom hygiene is very vital for a healthy environment, which gives you germ-free toilets and eliminates any foul odors and gives you a fresh feel.

Pick us for all your cleaning and disinfection requirements, we are the leading Cleaning Company Singapore adhering to the latest cleaning practices and safety standards.

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