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House Cleaning

Making cleaning services easier than ever

A Little About Our Domestic Cleaning Services Singapore
Cleaning is not an easy job. It takes a lot of skills, energy, time, and commitment to clean your home. However, most people in Singapore are unable to manage household chores along with their work properly, primarily because of clashes with their schedules. They cannot invest so much time in cleaning their homes. On the other hand, some people are unable to clean their homes because they don't have enough skills to do so. This is where our professional house cleaning services come into the picture. Believe it or not! you can avail services like house cleaning in Singapore at the most affordable prices!

As an affordable domestic cleaning services in Singapore provider, we take it upon ourselves to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness that you and your family require. Our team provides professional cleaning services, either regularly or weekly. We can also help with one-time cleaning services like break of shower screen or glasses broken, after party cleaning, spring cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, and in/out cleaning. Our house cleaning services are backed by the skills and knowledge of our expert cleaners.


The Cleaning Services We Offer

1. Regular House Cleaning

Whether you want our team to clean the house twice or thrice a week, we got you covered. Regular house cleaning ensures that your house can stay clean without you investing a lot of energy and commitment in doing so.

2. One Time House Cleaning
3. Office Cleaning Service

Some customers require house cleaning on weekends only. Others require it when an event is coming up. Our one time house cleaning makes it possible to hire our team for one time and clean your house in a convenient manner.

Offices also require regular cleaning to ensure your employees can work in a clean environment. Regular cleaning also makes sure that a well-versed image of your company is maintained in the industry.

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1. Keep Your House Clean

Why choose us?
By hiring our domestic help, you can keep your home and offices clean, well-protected, and shiny. Our professionals are expert in cleaning even the last of the dirt particles both from your home and office. Our house cleaning in Singapore price is so low, you can go for it a couple of times a week.

2. Better Than The Average Helpers

The average household maids are not trained enough to keep the house and office top-notch clean. They also don't have the right techniques and strategies to clean the house in an environmentally friendly manner. However, as the leading cleaning company in Singapore, we ensure our cleaning staff is rigorously trained. They have all the essential skills up their sleeves. We are 100% confident that once you try our service, you will engage us for long term cleaning.

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Spring Cleaning_10 Oct 2022_2442 copy_2.jpg
3. Eliminates Allergens

Dust, bacteria, and dirt can hide at unpredictable places in both home and offices. One of the major reasons why it is important to keep your space clean is because these allergens can lead to numerous diseases. No one wants their friends, family or even employees falling sick these days. This is why a professional house cleaning service is essential.

4. No Stains And Odour

Our deep cleaning process makes sure that all the stubborn stains and odour from your spaces are removed as much as we can. In doing so, we use the right strategies and products to clean your home from every corner. We use high-quality and most advance equipment that leaves every surface shiny and spotless.

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Perks of Choosing Our Services

Professional Approach

Our team is backed by professional cleaning strategy, ensuring you can have the results you desire.

Available 7 Days A Week

Get cleaning services at your convenience all across the week without any issue.

NEA Licensed

We are NEA licensed cleaning company. In this way, you can trust our team to provide high-quality service without any inconvenience. In other words, we guarantee peace of mind with our services.

Price Match Guarantee

Budget is never an issue with our services because a custom quote is generated for every customer.

Clean Bubbles

"It's been four months since we are working with Spring Cleaning Services. Our office looks much better now."

"Will definitely recommend your services to others. Thank you so much for your hassle-free and affordable services."

“Thank you for helping us clean the office. The employees look much happier just like you promised. Your services were within our budget requirements. We would be recommending your services to other fellow companies as well.”

Here's What Our Customers Have to Say About Us!


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