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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services With A Professional Strategy

Every carpet needs a holistic cleaning job. After all, carpets go through a lot. Not only do they guard the surfaces, but they also sustain a lot of dirt and dust coming from outside. However, if you leave the carpets unclean for far too long, you can make your space not only unclean but susceptible to a lot of diseases. Therefore, it is important to engage in regular carpet cleaning. At Spring Cleaning Services Singapore, you can get in touch with a professional team and get a customized service all according to your need. Whether you are unable to clean your carpet because the job is beyond your expertise or you don’t have substantial time to do so, we got you covered.


Here's Why You Need Our Services!

Holistic Carpet Cleaning Technique

There are various different techniques to clean the carpet but not every cleaning technique works. This is why it takes an expert eye to determine what method will work in cleaning the carpet. Our carpet cleaning services are backed by the knowledge and skills of our expert team. We conduct an on site inspection to determine what material is the carpeting and what condition it is in. We also ask for your requirements. Some client prefers quick dry carpet cleaning. Others require regular maintenance. Whatever you need is, we can help.

Our Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Some carpets require dry cleaning. But sometimes, it is not possible to remove dirt and dust through ordinary cleaning methods like wiping and vacuuming. Some stains are so stubborn that they require extra effort. Therefore, we employ different carpet techniques to deliver the most effective carpet cleaning service.

1. Extraction 

This cleaning method works best for carpets that have been heavily soled. Extraction cleaning ensures the deepest cleaning results in a short turnaround. In this way, this method has one of the best success rates when it comes to the removal of stubborn marks and unneeded liquids that might have seeped in the fibres of the carpet. The method requires cleaning agents to be propelled at high pressure on the carpets. Once the dirt and grime have loosened up, a high-powered vacuum is employed to remove the filth.

2. Carpet Foam Shampooing

In this method, machines are used to gently scrub the carpets with the help of water-based shampoos, making it possible for the scrub to go deep inside the carpet fibres. In this way, any dirt or soil in the carpet is loosened up, which is then absorbed by the foam. The foam is then extracted without making the carpet wet or leaving any sticky residue in it.

Long carpet chemical cleaning with professionally disk machine. Regular clean up..jpg
3. Spot Removal

Our spot or stain removal solution makes it possible to remove the toughest stains from the carpet. From oil, grease, and food stains to those caused by coffee and adhesive, our carpet cleaning products can ensure your carpet looks its best without being tough on the fibres. We also offer carpet protection services in order to repeal the liquids out of the fibres without affecting its overall look.

Perks of Choosing Our Services

Available 7 Days A Week

Our team is up and running the entire week in order to help you clean your carpet regularly or at your own convenient time.

NEA Licensed

We are NEA licensed cleaning company. In this way, you can trust our team to provide high-quality service without any inconvenience. In other words, we guarantee peace of mind with our services.

Price Match Guarantee

Worried about the budget? Our carpet cleaning services are extremely affordable, making it possible for everyone to get expert support.

Clean Bubbles

“Thank you so much for your carpet cleaning services. My carpet looks much better than it did previously.”

“Our carpets are now cleaned by Spring Cleaning Services only. We previously faced a lot of issues in cleaning them because our office attracts a lot of people already, so they bring in a lot of dust and dirt with them as well. This is why we wanted help from professionals who can manage this task on our behalf. Thanks to Spring Cleaning Services, our carpets look much better now.”

“Thank you for helping us clean our carpets. Just needed some dusting and vacuuming but did not have enough time to do so. So your support means a lot.”

“Your regular cleaning service has eased my difficulties. Thank you for arriving on time always, and your services also don’t cost a lot. So it is well within my budget.”

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