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Disinfection Services

Millions of microbial species like bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, helminths, and protozoa live all around us. While some species pose no threat to our health, others are likely to create numerous diseases. This is why it is imperative to regularly clean our space to make them healthy and safe. Our Disinfection Company in Singapore can work with you to make your area remain healthy and safe while making sure that no new pathogens survive on the premises.

With our service, you can kill all the bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in your space with advanced disinfection. The protective layer created by the disinfection lasts anywhere from 30 days to a complete year. In this way, you also have the choice to engage with the professional disinfection experts, discuss your needs, and get a cleaning solution that works for you.

Using sophisticated devices, we test the levels of the microbes in the area both before and after the treatment. Our consultants construct a full-fletch infection control plan as well that is provided to the customers, so they can stay in the loop, know what we are doing and how we plan to disinfect their premises. In this way, our holistic working strategy returns the results that are desired by our customers.

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Household Disinfection

Households need disinfection and sanitizing services from time to time. Pathogens can make their way to your homes from anywhere, be it open windows or the groceries you just bought. Our team uses a professional approach to disinfect your home without compromising on your convenience. Some of the methods we use include disinfection through the electrostatic machine, fogging, and steam. Our treatment also takes the physical features of your household into accounts, such as the kind of area, number of bedrooms, and other factors.  All the disinfections we use are also safe for both children and pets. This is because we use NEA-approved materials and resources.

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Office Disinfection

Our Disinfection Company in Singapore also helps office spaces get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses. Instead of compromising the health and safety of your stakeholders, you can get a clean office space and make it look ravishing. We employ sophisticated cleaning methods in order to form a protective layer on the surfaces that prevent new pathogens from residing in your office. In case you want a wider reach, we can disinfect your home through fogging, eliminating pathogens in every corner of your home. The effect of the treatment also does not wear out because of regular cleaning. In this way, our cleaning method won’t affect your regular cleaning schedule.

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Childcare Disinfection

Our qualified and trained professionals also know how to disinfect childcare settings. Disinfection in childcare is particularly important because children are at a greater risk of getting under the weather. This is why we guarantee that our reliable cleaning processes will eliminate germs and clean your services in a proficient manner. We also make sure that no damage is caused to the furniture, equipment, appliances, fabric, and even food.

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Construction Site Disinfection

Since construction sites are in open facilities, they are most likely to get under the attack of harmful pathogens. It is extremely important that the construction sites are kept well-protected, so the workers can undertake their responsibilities in an efficient manner. Our cleaning company ensures that you can get your site cleaned from every corner and make it a safer working place. We have a robust process in employing the right treatment method. Our team considers the requirements of the customers and also undertakes a physical location check to see what method will suit the job.

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Disinfection Service Singapore Commercial Offices and Residential from Viruses
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Sanitisation and Disinfection Service Singapore

There are thousands of microbial organisms surrounding us on the planet, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, and enteric bacteria. Although some are completely harmless, some are dangerous and are the cause of many diseases. Regular cleaning will only destroy the diseases that are mainly in this region, but in order to stay healthy and protected, you must ensure that no new infections live.

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Qualified and Trained Cleaning Professionals

We have a large team of well-qualified and skilled cleaning experts and consultants who are well aware of how this procedure should be done. They are specialists in Disinfection Service Singapore and know all facets of this job including combining the correct proportion of disinfectants, using high-tech equipment to know where to apply the cleaning products to provide long-lasting defence against these pathogens.


Residential and industrial properties are the areas where people's traffic is heavy. This can lead to certain a lot of polluted surfaces like doors, office tables, chairs, counters, kitchen, computers, and toys. Efficient surface sanitation through the disinfection misting treatment offered by Spring Cleaning Services Singapore reduces disease-causing pathogens and gives you peace of mind.

Often you may be led to think your workplace or house is free and healthy because you've recently bought disinfectants that you are using. Sadly, that's not always the case. Indeed, if you use effete solution for disinfection, this enhances the infection, allowing more havoc to occur.

You can depend on our disinfection services at Spring Cleaning Services to make your premises completely sanitized. Clean Lab's treatment method for disinfection releases electrically ferromagnetic materials that float down, wrapping across unused objects, or hard-to-reach spaces (such as computer keyboards and door buttons) that ensure double safety. This daily cleaning flows through all the hard to reach areas of your home.

Our goods and processes are safe and odorless at 100 percent. Before the procedure is done one does not need to leave the area or withdraw all the things from the location. In much less than 30 seconds of touch with the sanitizer, we assure 99.99 percent removal of pathogens both in air and soil. No damage to your furniture, appliances, textiles, computers, machinery, or even food.


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