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Know the Difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Know the Difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

With the prevailing pandemic, organizations and individuals have to be more responsible for the cleanliness of their office premises and the health of their co-workers.

Organizations and other public institutions are receiving guidelines from the government health organizations to improve the disinfection processes to help protect the health of people in the building or space who work, visit or occupy the area.

It is not important what type of building you have occupied, even if you own a school, a hospital, office, or some other public place cleaning and disinfection is an important part of the maintenance process. Maintaining your facility to be clean will limit disease transmission and increase the overall appearance of your facility.

Let's look at the three ways of eliminating the spread of viruses and germs at your place:


Cleaning is the procedure of the actual removal of the dirt and germs from the surfaces without actually killing them. To clean a surface we usually use a cleaning solution along with a cloth to wipe away the surface for dirt. It only accounts for the reduction of about 80% of germs from the surface.

When to Clean

It is recommended to immediately clean easily soiled surfaces and objects. Using gloves and other normal measures to prevent contact with the fluid is suggested. Remove the spill, then purify the surface and clean it as frequently as possible. The use of good quality and EPA approved cleaners are recommended.


The process of disinfecting nearly kills and destroys 99.99 percent of viruses and bacteria. Areas in contact with pollutants and body fluids like washrooms and all areas commonly touched such as doors, light switches, taps, etc must be disinfected.

Areas to be Disinfected :

In different areas of the house or the office, depending on the facilities and industry, different procedures can be applied whether they are to be cleaned or disinfected. Consult with a local cleaning service provider for more information.

Highly affected areas are usually the most-touched surfaces that need to be disinfected such as:

  • Doorknobs and Handles

  • Railings of the Staircases

  • Light Switches

  • Soap Dispensers

  • Chair Handles

When to Disinfect

Generally, this implies the everyday cleaning of commonly touched bigger surfaces and items, such as desks, counters, door handles, computers, faucets, pantries, and telephones. Some organizations will also need to clean these items regularly. Standard procedures sometimes require that in a particular organization areas such as bathrooms and pantries are to be disinfected frequently.

The connection between Cleaning and Disinfection

It is necessary to first clean the surface thoroughly and remove all the visible dirt from the surface.

The cleaning process further helps with the preparation for the next step of disinfection, which destroys surface germs, preventing further spread. When a surface is not first washed, germs will hide in soils and minimize the disinfectant effectiveness.


It helps in the process of reduction of the germs as suggested by the public health officials to a degree considered appropriate. In places where contact with food is quite frequent, such as in the kitchens and pantry areas, sanitation is highly recommended. The process is mainly meant for smaller surfaces and objects.

Simple steps for sanitizing:

  • Remove dust and dirt, wash or sweep the area properly.

  • Wash the place with a good quality cleaning agent

  • Flush the surroundings with water.

  • Finally, apply the sanitizer.

Usage of good quality sanitizers are highly recommended by the EPA (Environmental protection Agency) as these kills about 99% of the germs

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