Covid 19 Office and House Disinfection Service in Singapore

Updated: Feb 25

Disinfection Service Singapore is necessary for this pandemic. Every business runs on people and nothing is more important than their health and safety. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi give rise to a constant, invisible threat to that safety.

Disinfection Service Singapore

Created to help your business maintain the richest level of hygiene, Spring cleaning service gives you the peace of mind that you need to know you are doing all you can to keep your people safe. Although many companies thoroughly "clean" facilities, they rarely effectively disinfect them.

Custodial workers clean and make things “look” nice, but often fail to decontaminate surfaces entirely, due to the lack of proper tools and equipment that are required to get the job done. To protect your facility thorough disinfection is the most effective way.

Spring Disinfection Service is ideal for businesses that have had COVID-19 exposure, want to implement precautionary cleaning measures, or are required to disinfect. In these difficult times of a global pandemic, "disinfection service Singapore" plays a very important role in maintaining the safety and well being of every individual at your home or workplace in Singapore

Our experts will work with you to understand your unique facility, processes, and needs so that we can determine the appropriate level of disinfection service Singapore and protection to customize a solution for you. The fast-acting disinfecting formula we use can inactivate pathogens on surfaces within just 10 minutes, getting you back in business in as little as 30 minutes after treatment.

Features and Benefits of choosing Spring cleaning service:

  • Environmentally-friendly and biodegradable

  • Hypoallergenic and non-flammable

  • Non-abrasive surfaces, leaving behind no visible residue or harsh fumes

  • Eliminates unpleasant odors

  • Can be used against coronavirus, norovirus, SARS, MRSA, swine flu, E. Coli, Salmonella & more

Eliminating pathogens by disinfecting the harmful germs/microorganisms from the untidy/dirty surfaces let you live a healthy life ahead.

Recommended industries:

Our disinfection services Singapore Spring, Disinfection Service is ideal for businesses that have had COVID-19 exposure, want to implement precautionary cleaning measures, or are required to disinfect. And because no two operations have the same needs, no two disinfection services are the same either. We have the right disinfection supplies, equipment, and personnel to tackle your disinfection needs. The service is recommended for:


Office cleaning service includes a disinfecting office, including a table, chaHouse cleaning, wall, curtain, door, and furniture. Disinfecting the pantry plus office toilet.

House cleaning service includes a disinfecting hall along with tables, chairs, walls, curtains, doors, and furniture. Disinfecting of kitchen and all toilets. Leaving your home free from bacteria and viruses, free from mold and mildew, free from odors and fragrances.

Nursery cleaning includes disinfecting common areas including table, chair, wall, curtain, door, and furniture. Disinfecting the pantry plus all the toilets.

Gym cleaning service includes disinfecting all the gym equipment. Disinfecting common areas like corridor walkway, lobby, dining area all toilets, and shower rooms.

The nursing Home cleaning service includes a disinfecting the office along with tables, chairs, walls, curtains, doors, and furniture. Disinfecting of common area, including corridor walkway, dining hall, lobby, kitchen, patient rooms, toilets, and shower rooms as well.

In 2020, COVID-19 is supposed to spread mainly from person-to-person. However, the possibility of contracting it through contact with a contaminated surface is often overlooked. When a person comes in contact with a surface or object infected with the pathogen that causes coronavirus and then touches their own nose, or mouth, they get themselves exposed to it.

There is a possibility of detecting viruses on surfaces like plastic and stainless steel for a few days, making the spread even more probable. This is why virus prevention through disinfection is such an essential part of preparing your business to open its doors back up to the public.

Your health and safety is our priority

The protection of your visitors, customers, and our servicemen is our first priority. Our specialists always wear specialized protective gear while conducting service. In the current scenario, we understand that the health and safety of you, your family, and employees are on the stake. Don’t take any chances and call in the professionals.

Our team of professional consultants, cleaning specialists, R&D team comprised of industry experts and have the relevant knowledge and skillset to handle and carry out any cleaning and childcare disinfection services effectively.


Why should soiled areas be cleaned before disinfecting?

Cleaning soiled surfaces before disinfecting allows the disinfectant to work more productively. If there is a layer of dust, dirt, or oils, it creates a barrier between the surface and the disinfectant which forbids the disinfectant from destroying or inactivating the microorganisms on the surface face.

Does the professional disinfection kill coronavirus?

Yes. The chemical used is certified to kill coronavirus and other harmful viruses and germs. (As per manufacturer's claims)

Which area will be covered in the Office Cleaning / House cleaning & disinfection?

The entire area of the home or commercial space will be covered in the service

How is house cleaning/disinfection done?

The first choice of Spring Cleaning is to keep you healthy and safe. The cleaning and disinfection crews we hired are well trained and equipped with the most updated and relevant pieces of knowledge laid out by the authority. This is followed by wiping the high touch areas such as door handles, switchboards, etc with disinfectant for complete sanitization.

What is the duration of the Office Cleaning / House cleaning disinfection?

It takes 1-2 hours to clean a space depending on the size of space or home.

When will I be able to return to the area?

It will be safe to return to the area within 10-15 minutes of the completion of the service. Disinfection Service Singapore, "disinfection service Singapore" Singapore Disinfection Service provided by the spring cleaning services in Singapore. We offer the high-quality "Disinfection Service Singapore" office disinfection, home disinfection, commercial, and residential disinfection services in Singapore. contact us of the "disinfection" service Singapore, Singapore "disinfection services", services of "disinfection" in Singapore.