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What is the Average Cost of Condo Cleaning in Singapore?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

If you've ever considered hiring a professional condo cleaning service, you may have come up with a litany of excuses as to why you shouldn't, such as the fact that it would be an unnecessary luxury or a show of laziness. But have you ever considered why you ought to?

Even those on a tight budget may find that outsourcing their housekeeping is an economical method to better manage their time.

Using a cleaning service is not only sensible but can also save your life if you have a busy schedule between your family and job or just need some occasional help around the house.

Average condo cleaning cost in Singapore:

The ultimate cost of hiring a cleaning service to clean your home depends on several things and naturally varies from business to business. To provide a rough estimate for this inquiry, it can cost anywhere from SGD 30 for a one-bedroom home to SGD 200 for a property with no more than three bedrooms.

We have a set price for one-time residential cleaning services in Singapore. The size, design, and overall condition of an apartment or home's interior all affect how much cleaning it will cost. Based on the number of hours and if you need to utilize our cleaning supplies, tools, or equipment, we would offer a free quote with no commitment. In rare circumstances, we may need to inspect your property to offer you a more precise quote.

The number of man-hours required will determine how much our regular cleaning services will cost. The minimum price is three hours. Contacting us is the easiest approach to requesting a quote.

If you can afford it and prefer to spend your weekends relaxing in a clean home rather than cleaning the house, it could be worth considering hiring a part-time cleaner, depending on your cleaning requirements.

A full-time, live-in maid may not be an option for you to hire if your living space is limited. For example, hiring a part-time home and office carpet cleaning might be less expensive than employing a live-in maid while preserving your privacy at home and at work.

As we've already discussed, the cost of cleaning services varies depending on the provider and the kind of cleaning services you need.

Deep cleaning is priced in the middle, while standard housecleaning is less expensive than move-out cleaning services. Even though most cleaning businesses charge a fixed fee for the majority of larger services, all costs are determined by the degree of skill required, the number of labour hours needed, and the tools required to finish the job.

For instance, specialized, frequently heavy-duty equipment is needed to properly perform the cleaning of tile and grout, carpets, pressure washing, and building sites.

What does the price of condo cleaning depend on?

The size of your condo

The size of your unit is the first thing you need to think about because it will affect how much a condo cleaning service will cost in total. After taking note of this, your next step should be to contact several cleaning agencies that specialize in this. On their websites, the majority of them often list their pricing for particular unit sizes. If they don't, feel free to get in touch with them and request a free quote nonetheless.

This is the most important thing to take into account before choosing your preferred cleaning service provider. Customers may be charged differently for cleaning services by various businesses. The number of bedrooms in your condo has a significant impact on how much your cleaning service will cost overall.

Spending between SGD 200 and SGD 400 on each project may be appropriate if you have two or three bedrooms. You may need to adequately plan your budget if your condominium has additional bedrooms. For anyone looking to engage a competent cleaning service provider, this issue becomes crucial.


The time limit within which you would require your area to be cleaned is the next item you need to consider. It depends on the company's timetable and the present state of its human resources. When you need the cleaning done fast and within the smallest amount of time possible, you may need to ask them to accelerate the procedure, which might incur a fee.

The goal of the cleaning is:

You should speak with the cleaning firm directly about this additional aspect. Condominium cleaning can be referred to as residential cleaning or "contract work if the scope of the service includes areas other than a resident's unit, such as the swimming pools, meeting rooms, etc. It's crucial to confirm that the business you choose has the necessary experience

to complete all the required tasks.


You should expect to pay extra for their services if you choose a highly reputable cleaning company because more reputable companies typically spend on employee training and superior equipment.

Keep in mind that everything has a cost, but there are still plenty of businesses out there that are eager to bargain and design a package specifically for you. Thus, be aware of what you are paying for—whether it be the tools, coverage, or even the guarantee a firm provides to you—and choose for yourself which elements are significant to you and worth the money.

We may clean your home twice a week or three times a week, depending on your preference. Frequent cleaning ensures that your home may remain tidy without requiring a lot of your time and effort.

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