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Condo Cleaning Services

Condos are one of the most popular housing solution in Singapore, ideal for small families or even single people who want to share a space. Most condo dwellers belong to the working class, which means that they have busy schedules and long work hours, which leaves them little tile to clean their condos. 

The cleanliness of a condo must not be compromised, especially if you live in one located close near a heavy highway or down a main road, they are almost as susceptible to dust and dirt as the roads themselves. Also, besides dust, protect your home from car exhaust smoke.

In a dirty condo, items such as furniture, curtains and beddings can harbour mites that quickly multiply enough to start causing health issues, causing you to fall behind on your schedule.

Recognizing the severity of this issue, Spring Cleaning takes care of household hygiene and offers a professional condo cleaning service that relieves our clients of this burden and enjoy their leisure time in a clean space.

Here’s what we do!

Our condo cleaning service is designed in a way to offer convenience and suit the need of every condo owner in Singapore. Read on to know more about our service offerings:

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1. General Cleaning:

Spring Cleaning provides its services on a task-by-task basis so that you can hand over those challenging chores to us while you handle the easy ones. 

Many condo owners have figured out their cleaning routine and can handle cleaning while juggling with their daytime jobs, but some tasks are still challenging for them. These tasks could include sweeping the floor or cleaning the kitchen after you use it.

The task-based option is not restricted to any specifics, and you can choose any task at your ease.

2. Scope for Cleaning:

Some areas are more difficult to clean than others, for example, cleaning a bathroom requires specific cleaning agents and techniques. While most people dislike cleaning bathrooms, they are required to do so as it is necessary. Daily wipe down of your bathroom area will prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria.

Spring Cleaning provides its cleaning services based on the scope of area to be cleaned, so you can leave the sensitive areas to us and handle the areas you like doing by yourself.

Regardless of which area is assigned to us, be it your living room or kitchen, our services remain efficient and effective and our staff uses the same professional approach as it would when cleaning the whole condo.

3. Objects:

Some objects in a condo are much more challenging to clean than others and most people may avoid cleaning them for long periods of time until it is time to replace them. Such objects include beddings, curtains, carpets and furniture as many do not have the equipment required to clean these things and they have to be handled with extra care during the cleaning process.

For example, you cannot wipe the bedding with a damp cloth or put the curtains in a washing machine. All these things require special techniques and equipment for a thorough cleaning, and Spring Cleaning’s team of expert cleaners will take special care and are trained well in handling these problems.

4. Professional Services:

You may like to clean everything in your condo yourself, but there are some things you cannot clean without professional assistance. These include mould and mildew, which are really stubborn to remove, and cleaning them requires more than just simply cleaning the surface.

High-tech disinfecting services utilizing modern and advanced cleaning equipment may be necessary too. Fulfill your cleaning needs at wallet-friendly prices with Spring Cleaning Services, we will take care of your household hygiene in the most professional way to get your home sparkling clean at low maintenance.

5. Deep Cleaning:

Also, just because something appears clean, it may not be. Many people handle the superficial cleaning well, but forget that a seemingly clean surface may still harbour microorganisms that make the environment contaminated for weeks or months.

Washing and disinfecting of sink and basin as well as the cleaning of kitchen hob are some of the services you can expect if you are looking for deep cleaning for your kitchen.

Our Spring Cleaning team will be onboard to assist you with deep cleaning services customized for specific occasions and cleaning needs, ensuring that we thoroughly clean everything in your condo on a microscopic level and there are no hidden pathogens in your condo.


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