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Tips to Clean Your House Like a Professional

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

The majority of people view house cleaning as a time-consuming, monotonous activity that, despite best efforts, is frequently incomplete.

Having said that, there are ways to handle this work professionally, using effective techniques that will guarantee a successful and timely cleaning.

We take it upon ourselves as a supplier of reasonably priced household and retail cleaning services in Singapore to uphold the highest level of cleanliness that you and your family need.

This article will provide you with the knowledge you need to get ready to clean your home like an expert, as well as helpful tips to make your cleaning more productive.

What are the most common things that housekeepers clean?

While cleaning a house, a professional house cleaning company like us has a certain cadence. The bathroom, which is the most challenging area in the entire house, is typically where they begin.

The tub, shower, toilet, and sink are just a few of the fixtures that need to be cleaned, even in a tiny bathroom.

Once the bathroom has been well cleaned, housekeepers have no difficulty quickly cleaning the remainder of the house.

How do you begin cleaning your house?

Decluttering the area and taking out any goods that are lying around, such as books, electronics, toys, or other stuff, is the best place to start.

Thanks to this, you can clean more effectively if you have a clear view of the area that needs to be cleaned.

It is more effective to clean from task to task, and it is recommended to begin by using any deep cleaning chemicals because they need time to effectively remove the stains. Applying the items in the bathroom is a good place to start.

Use deep-cleaning tools:

Use thorough cleaning chemicals on various surfaces after decluttering the area.

Typical places that need thorough cleaning include:

  • Restroom bowls

  • Kitchen and bathroom sink

  • The bathtub or the shower stall

Rubber gloves should be used for this task because you'll be handling potentially dangerous substances.

Moreover, keep in mind that the chemicals you use will require enough time to break down and remove all stains.

Any residual stains should be reasonably easy to wipe out without vigorous scrubbing after around 20 to 30 minutes, during which you may complete other cleaning duties. Before draining the water and cleaning the sink, think about using a tiny bit of liquid laundry bleach and letting it sit in the cold water to get rid of all the tough stains.

Dust, then vacuum:

Before vacuuming, concentrate on dusting your furniture, lamps, and other things because the chemicals in the cleaning supplies will absorb the stains as they are being removed from the surface.

Take out any debris and give your furniture and electrical devices a thorough dusting. When you've finished dusting, you may go on to vacuum your home's major rooms.

Before vacuuming your floors, you should do so with your furniture. While these surfaces are harder to reach, be sure to vacuum underneath your furniture as well, including your couches, chairs, tables, and/or sofas.

While cleaning, dusting should always be the first thing you do. Sweeping and vacuuming both have the potential to scatter dust particles, adding to your cleaning workload.

The particles are largely cleaned when you dust first, making it possible for you to sweep and vacuum without any problems.

Kitchen deep cleaning:

Consider washing the dishes and putting them away in the cabinet before cleaning your kitchen. Use your dishwasher if you have one, and leave the dishes in there while you clean the kitchen area.

Be sure to clean the refrigerator in addition to the kitchen counter, sink, and any other surfaces using an all-purpose cleaner.

Clear the shelves of all expired products and wipe them off with a moist cloth. Use an all-purpose cleanser or water diluted with mild soap or detergent on sticky and unclean shelves.

Clean the flooring:

You should finish cleaning the floors after you have finished dusting and vacuuming. The particular mopping technique will depend on your floors. How much water and other liquids, such as vinegar, should be used depends on the particular type of wood.

Remember to also mop the bathroom floors. They can be finished last to prevent having damp flooring, which can provide a hazard, and to allow other surfaces in the room to dry.

Clean your walls, ceilings, and windows:

One of the most time-consuming tasks is cleaning your windows, but it makes up for it by being rather easy. Just spray each window with window cleaner from a container, then dry it with a paper towel.

There are other items besides your furniture and flooring that require cleaning.

Dust may be removed using a microfiber mop, and stains can be removed with warm water and cleaning supplies. If a mop is not available, a worn-out T-shirt will do.


Returning to a neat, structured, and uncluttered home always produces a positive feeling. Science reassures us that the tension we experience when our homes aren't as neat as we'd like is not entirely in our heads.

It's time to reconsider your approach if you feel so overwhelmed by cleaning that you never start.

You can keep your house and office tidy, safe, and bright by hiring our housekeeping services. Even the last dirt particles will be removed from your house or business by our expertise. You may utilise our professional house cleaning Singapore services a few times a week because the cost is so reasonable.

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