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Pet Sitter Services

Given the variety of websites and pet-sitting services offered in Singapore, finding a pet sitter whenever you go on vacation can be quick and simple. However, keep in mind that some may not be reliable so be sure to do your own research on them.

When the owner is gone, a pet sitter will look after the animal in its own house.

Spring Cleaning Services will provide you with someone to come by during your vacation period and for as long as agreed upon throughout this time.

Staying Hydrated

Several pet-sitting services are:

  1. Dog walking and feeding

  2. Checking the health of your pet (If your pet needs a specific diet or medicine, you may provide instructions for the pet sitter as well)


Some pet sitters offer house sitting and overnight stays in addition to regular visits, which may cost additional costs. 

There are some advantages of engaging pet-sitting services from Spring Cleaning Services:

  1. Consistent routines (especially for newly adopted pets)

  2. Less risk of illnesses (looking out for its diet and staying out from dangerous activities)

  3. A comfortable and familiar setting for your pet

  4. For you to travel worry-free

Pets with anxiety can also benefit from this as they would tend to be unsociable and aggressive in new environments. For owners with pets that require extra care and sending for pet boarding is not ideal due to divided attention, pet sitting is the best choice for you and your pet.

Do reach out to Spring Cleaning Services for pet-sitting services, keeping your mind at ease.

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