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Maid Cleaning Services

Transform your home into a spotless haven with our Maid Cleaning Services! Our dedicated team ensures every corner is clean and welcoming. Enjoy the luxury of a professionally cleaned space—schedule your service today!

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Maid services that bring you value

Most people prefer hiring maids because they are simply unable to keep their house clean. This is because many people in Singapore have a very tough schedule. They find it difficult to manage everything on their own. Others simply don't know how to keep their houses clean because of a lack of experience in doing the task. This is where our maid services come into the picture.

Whether you are unable to keep your house because you simply don't know how to do so or you find it difficult to manage this task with your schedule, we can help. Our housekeeping service is known all across Singapore for its professionalism and efficiency. We focus on providing reliable services and maintaining high quality.

All of the maids that we outsource have extensive experience in the field. They have worked in the industry for a long, so they understand how to provide efficient cleaning and housekeeping service. We take it upon ourselves to check the background of our maids, making sure that only the most trustworthy individuals are outsourced.

Our team also takes due safety measures to ensure that efficient services are provided. In doing so, they wear the required masks and gloves. They make sure that the mandatory health declaration is taken into account. We also use safe and reliable products to add more to the safety of our cleaning processes.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing a part-time maid can be a very difficult process because how can you trust an outsourcing company? However, we have helped hundreds of clients in managing their households. Our house cleaners are all citizens of Singapore or Foreign workers on the Work Permit. While we ensure that they are from reliable backgrounds, all of them are fully legal to undertake the assigned duties.

To make sure that you can trust the assigned maid, we allow our customers to evaluate the background details of our maid. Quality assurance begins from our very first cleaning session. We also undertake regular feedback from our customers, so we can improve our services and provide a better housekeeping experience. We are very particular about the cleaning techniques and products we use. And therefore, we ensure that everything is in line with the requirements of our stakeholders.

​We operate on a company model, so our cleaners are basically our contractors who represent the standards of the company. In doing so, we ensure that our cleaners are not only uplifting company standards but are also following the unique requirements of our customers.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Approach

Our team undergoes training using standardized chemicals, tools, and techniques to uphold elevated cleaning standards consistently.

Liability Insurance

For your protection, all cleaning sessions are secured by a $1 million public liability insurance policy.

Customer Service

Our customer service is available to assist you throughout the whole journey, Mondays to Friday, 9am - 6pm. Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 1pm.

bizSAFE Level 3 Certified

Trust our professional services committed to the highest standards of health and safety.

  • 1. What exactly does MCST mean?
    MCST stands for Management Corporation Strata Title.
  • 3. How do you maintain a property's cleanliness?
    For effective property cleaning, it is best to engage a cleaning company’s services. Spring Cleaning Services offers a reliable MCST cleaning service to ensure your property is cleaned thoroughly.
  • 2. What is the role of MCST in Singapore?
    MCST is responsible for managing and maintaining communal areas in strata-titled buildings, including townhouses, condominiums, and apartments.
  • 3. How will you ensure a safe living environment after renovation?
    Spring Cleaning Services ensures a safe living environment post-renovation by using eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for people and the environment. We also conduct thorough inspections for any signs of pest infestation to ensure the area is pest-free.
  • 1. Why is post-renovation cleaning important?
    Post-renovation cleaning is crucial because it removes dust and particles that have accumulated throughout the process. It ensures a healthy and safe living environment, guards against allergies and respiratory problems, gets rid of harmful substances and pollutants, and improves the look of the entire house.
  • 2. What services are included in the post renovation cleaning service?
    Our post renovation cleaning uses eco-friendly cleaning agents and disinfectants for surface cleaning. It also includes the removal of fine dust, deep cleaning of all areas, a preliminary pest infestation check, and measures to prevent a pest invasion in the cleaned space.
  • 1. How often should vinyl flooring be polished?
    The frequency of vinyl floor polishing depends on the amount of foot traffic and maintenance. Generally, it's recommended to polish vinyl floors every 6 to 12 months for maximum shine and protection.
  • 3. Is stripping necessary before vinyl floor polishing?
    Stripping is advisable if your vinyl floors have a build-up of old wax, sealer, or residue. This ensures a clean surface for the polishing process and allows the new polish to adhere effectively.
  • 2. Will polishing my vinyl floors remove scratches and stains?
    Vinyl floor polishing can make light scratches and stains less visible. However, deep scratches and stubborn stains may require additional repair or replacement. Our team will assess your floors and suggest the best course of action.
  • 2. How often should I get my floors polished?
    Commercial floors typically require repolishing or waxing every one to three months to maintain their shine. Residential floors polished using a flathead mop and polishing solution may need repolishing every six months or so.
  • 1. What types of floor polish are there?
    Gloss, satin, and matte polish are the main types of floor polish. When applied correctly, all of them restore the appearance of your floor and conceal dents and scratches.
  • 3. What are the benefits of floor polish?
    Floor polishing removes dirt, scuff marks, and dullness. It keeps rooms clean and presentable while restoring the floor's original shine.
  • 1. Where can I find the top carpet cleaning services in Singapore?
    To find top carpet cleaning services in Singapore, consider reaching out to Spring Cleaning Services. We are a professional cleaning service provider, known for our thorough carpet cleaning for both homes and offices. They possess the necessary tools and cleaning solutions to clean and disinfect carpets without causing harm to the carpet fibres.
  • 2. Is it possible to fully remove stains from the carpet?
    While our carpet cleaning services are dedicated to assessing and utilizing the most suitable and effective methods to remove stains from your carpet, we cannot provide a 100% guarantee that all stains can be completely removed. Some stains may have become permanent, especially if they have been left untreated for an extended period. However, we will do our best to achieve the most thorough stain removal possible.
  • 3. Is it worthwhile to have your carpets professionally cleaned?
    Engaging in professional carpet cleaning is highly beneficial as it safeguards the integrity of your carpets and ensures they maintain a clean and tidy appearance. Moreover, it preserves the aesthetic appeal of your carpets and can contribute to a favourable return on your initial spendings.
  • 4. How frequently should I have my carpet cleaned by a professional?
    The frequency of professional cleaning is influenced by variables such as foot traffic and environmental factors. We recommend scheduling professional cleaning annually for low-traffic areas, every six months for medium-traffic areas, and every three months for high-traffic areas.
  • 5. Which is the best carpet cleaning method?
    Several carpet cleaning methods are available. The choice of carpet cleaning solution recommended by the carpet cleaner depends on the nature of the stain present on your carpet, taking into account the extent of dirt as well.
  • 1. Why is Consistent Curtain Maintenance Vital?
    Maintaining your curtains in pristine condition might appear challenging, but it's essential to engage in regular maintenance. Curtains tend to collect dust and absorb odours over time, necessitating ongoing care to ensure they remain in good shape.
  • 5. How Can You Eliminate Wrinkles in Curtains
    To remove wrinkles from curtains after installation, you can utilize a steamer.
  • 3. How are wrinkles removed from curtains?
    After installation, you would need a steamer to steam the curtains. Unfortunately, we do not offer curtain steaming.
  • 4. How often should I engage curtain cleaning services?
    Curtains tend to accumulate dust and take on odours as time passes. To ensure your curtains stay in top-notch condition, it's recommended to perform curtain cleaning in Singapore approximately every three to six months.
  • 2. What is the best time to clean your curtains in Singapore?
    Over time, curtains naturally gather dust and absorb odours. To keep your curtains in good condition, curtain cleaning in Singapore is often done once every three to six months.
  • 2. Why should I put my faith in maid service Singapore?
    In addition to our housekeeping services, we employ home housekeepers that take delight in providing the best service possible. Each member of our staff undergoes a rigorous background check before receiving intensive training on all aspects of our meticulous cleaning procedures. All of our work is backed by a 24-hours guarantee. Customers rely on our maid service Singapore for a variety of reasons, including these.
  • 1. Why should I use a cleaning service?
    At Spring Cleaning Services, we aim to aid and ease your household chores, our cleaners can be hire as maid services Singapore to help you on what a typical domestic helper can do.
  • 3. What's the plan for our relationship?
    We at maid service Singapore know how vital it is to be in touch, particularly when it comes to your home's valuables and any special cleaning instructions you may have. Unlike typical domestic helper, we can be providing the same alike maid service Singapore and at the same time, you don’t need to provide food, accommodation, insurance, security bond and levy. You can count on our house cleaning services to provide trustworthy with reasonable price and high-quality cleaning services that meet and surpass your expectations.
  • 1. Will there be charge for quotation?
    No, commercial cleaning services Singapore don't charge for a preliminary evaluation and quotation. Please contact us or drop us a message in the chatbox if you are interested in having us clean your office. One of our supervisors will contact you or visit your workplace for a no-obligation inspection and evaluation. Your estimate will include a cleaning schedule and a list of services tailored to meet your requirements. The soonest we can, you will get a response from us with an estimate.
  • 2. Is there a guarantee for your work?
    Yes, of course! Any time you are displeased with a cleaning visit, our supervisor will address the issue immediately. You can expect nothing less than the best results from our office cleaning services in Singapore when you hire us to clean your office.
  • 3. How can I know exactly what you've done while you've been here cleaning?
    Our cleaners will follow the requirements set by your organization. Unlike the traditional way of counter checking our cleaner performance, you just need to inform us if you spot debris or fingerprints after our cleaner left by just snap a picture and send to our supervisor, we will take care of it.
  • 4. Do I need to plan for my office cleaning?
    You just need to sit back and relax! Our cleaning office services based on your office size, cleaning frequency and do the necessary cleaning plan to ensure every part of your office is clean with sparkling shine.
  • 2. How do I pay for the cleaning?
    For one time cleaning, we collect payment after the service completed, whereas for the daily or weekly regular cleaning, we do offer special rate and payment will be collect in advance. As you know, our house cleaning Singapore price is reasonable and payment is convenient, we offer different ways for our customers to pay us: either by PayNow to UEN, bank transfer, credit cards, Alipay, Union Pay, Atome, etc. Detailed information about our bank account will be made available to our customers in invoice.
  • 3. Is it necessary for me to be present at home during the time allotted for cleaning?
    When the team of professional house cleaning Singapore comes to clean their homes, most of our customers aren't there. Clients sometimes allow us in before they leave for work. Some guests leave their keys with the front desk personnel, while others give us a copy of their keys to keep on file. As a result, some of our customers choose to stay at home while we clean. We'll do our best to make your experience as enjoyable and convenience as possible, no matter what your preferences may be.
  • 1. How much does your cleaning service cost?
    For one-time domestic cleaning services in Singapore, we charge a fixed fee of minimum $75 (before gst) for 3-hours cleaning. How much it costs to clean an apartment or house depends on the size, layout, and general state of its interior. We would propose a no-obligation free quotation based the number of hours and whether you need to use our cleaning supplies, tools, and equipment. In some cases, we might need to recce your premises to give you a more accurate price. Our costs for regular cleaning services are depends on the number of man-hours spent. There is a 3-hours minimum fee. The best way to get an estimate is to get in touch with us.
  • 3. Can I hire a part-time maid in Singapore?
    Generally, you can hire a part-time maid if she is a permanent Singaporean resident with a dependent pass.
  • 2. Why do we need a part-time maid?
    Hiring a part-time helper in Singapore is a worthwhile investment if you have a busy schedule. In three to four hours, they can accomplish more in your home than you could in a week. In most cases, they come equipped with all the necessary cleaning supplies to complete their tasks efficiently.
  • 1. How long does a part-time cleaning session usually take?
    Each part-time cleaning session takes approximately 3-4 hours. This includes chores such as sweeping the floor, dusting cupboards, cleaning toilets, and scrubbing the kitchen sink. Depending on your home's size and how recently it was cleaned, these tasks may take less time.
  • 2. What method of cleaning do you use?
    The majority of upholstery manufacturers advocate extraction and steam as the best method for cleaning. The upholstery at the upholstery cleaning service is carefully cleaned with dust mite remover nozzle follows by extraction cleaning solution and steam clean. Extraction allows us to reach even the most difficult to reach areas. To keep your upholstery looking its best, we thoroughly clean and sanitize it every few months. Of course, most of the grit and grime from the edges and stains will be manually removed.
  • 3. What kind of experience have you had with upholstery cleaning?
    We've been in the cleaning business for a long time and have a long list of accreditations and satisfied customers to show for it. All our housekeepers are vaccinated, insured, and have undergone extensive training, so we can handle any circumstance better than anybody else. We don't only clean; we also ensure that our customers are happy and that we only provide high-quality upholstery cleaning services. In whatever we do, we aim to be professional, competent, and responsible cleaning service provider.
  • 1. Stains that were cleaned a few months ago have resurfaced on the upholstery, prompting you to wonder what to do?
    Cleaning solutions that aren't drained into the upholstery might leave stains that are difficult to remove. When you choose our expert upholstery cleaning service in Singapore, we remove the residues, rinse and extract all the filth and stains from your upholstery, making sure that they don't reappear any time soon. Most of our customers are pleased to report that their upholstery has a brighter color after we've cleaned it.
  • 3. After cleaning, how long can I safely sleep on the mattress again?
    If you're doing our wet mattress cleaning service, you'll need some time to allow the mattress to dry. However, the usual drying time is around 4-5 hours. The kind of mattress, the amount of dirt, and the degree of humidity all impact drying timeframe.
  • 2. Is stain removal included in your cleaning?
    Yes. In our mattress cleaning service, we take care of any stains and spots that have not been colored. We can't eliminate all stains, but we always try our best. Even the toughest stains are no match for our highly skilled specialists. When dealing with bodily fluids, however, the stains may remain after disinfection.
  • 1. Should a mattress be cleaned regularly?
    It's best to get your mattress cleaned at least once a year to keep it in good condition throughout time. For those who sleep with pets or suffer from allergies, we suggest getting mattress cleaning service twice a year or more. Your mattress will remain irritant-free as a result of this. The sooner we can arrange your cleaning, the less likely it will be that the stain or odor will become permanent.
  • 1. What does a move-in cleaning include?
    Our move-in cleaning service covers a thorough cleaning of all home areas. This involves detailed cleaning of cupboards, drawers, counters, and appliances. We also conduct a comprehensive dusting and spot cleaning of doors, ensuring the kitchen and bathroom surfaces are properly sanitised.
  • 2. How long does a move-in cleaning take?
    The duration of a move-in cleaning can vary, typically ranging from 4 to 6 hours. It depends on the size and how clean the home is prior to the move.
  • 3. How clean does my home need to be when I'm moving out?
    Leaving your residence spotless is generally required when moving out, especially if a security deposit is at stake or if it's part of a rental agreement. We provide comprehensive move-out cleaning services to ensure the next occupants are greeted with a clean space.
  • 1. How thorough is the disinfection procedure?
    Our disinfection method kills both enclosed and undeveloped bacteria and viruses. We employ a process that has been NEA-approved and is secure for both children and pets. For more safety, we discharge electrostatically charged particles that cover untreated objects and difficult-to-reach areas.
  • 2. Why should I get a home and workplace health check consultation?
    Our consultation assists in identifying and removing indoor air pollutants in light of growing concerns regarding poor indoor air quality. We provide several testing techniques, including air testing, surface hygiene testing, environmental microbial testing, and inspection. People with health difficulties, people whose homes have pest infestations, mould or odour problems, and people who are elderly or have young children can benefit from this session.
  • 3. What makes Spring Cleaning Services stand out?
    Spring Cleaning Services is a well-known cleaning business renowned for offering excellent disinfection services in Singapore. We invest in modern technology to provide high-quality services that eliminate bacteria and viruses.
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