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Preparing & Cooking Food Services

Food preparation and cooking services often include sending our team to your house to prepare and cook meals there. In addition, they can assist you to develop a meal plan while taking into account all dietary preferences. This can be applied especially to seniors, in terms of planning, preparing, and cooking.

If you require any help in cooking big amounts such as catering or cooking for a house event, Spring Cleaning Services is here to provide you with the aid you need.


Our meal preparation and cooking service comprise the following: (while taking your demands into account)

  1. Meal planning:  We can come up with a menu that you want while ensuring that the meals are suitable for your dietary requirements or preferences.

  2. Meal preparation: We can get the ingredients needed in advance or prepare the food to cook. For big events, you can provide us with a budget to get the necessary items. And for older citizens, we can assist them in the kitchen if they would like to prepare their own meals.

  3. Washing: After preparing and cooking the food, we will tend to the dishes, pots and pans that are utilised during cooking.

  4. Sanitizing and Cleaning the Kitchen: We will meticulously clean and sanitize the kitchen so it is ready for your upcoming cooking sessions

All in all, this service includes the whole process that you will usually be doing during your dinner meals. And fret not, we will do it with the highest standard which you can rely on.


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