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Keeping Watch Over Client's Family Members Services

Generally, we Singaporeans are bound to have busy schedules, sometimes unable to wiggle in a time to watch for a family member. We lead busy, chaotic lives and at times when urgent matters arise, we cannot tend to them. Spring Cleaning Services is here to offer to help you in keeping watch on your family members. 

To keep your mind at ease, Spring Cleaning Services only uses skilled and competent workers to provide occasional or ongoing watch for a family member. We take pleasure in the caliber of our services and go above and beyond to make sure your family member is in capable hands.


Here are some services provided by us:
1.    Personal Support
The family member is to receive respectable care and hygiene services, such as bathing and toileting.
2.    Assistance with Daily Tasks 
The family member is to receive help with daily tasks including eating, dressing, and moving around.
3.    Help with Daily Medication (if needed)
The family member’s daily medical needs, water needs, and other wellness requirements will be given.
4.    Physical Exercise 
If required, we will take the family member for regular walks and workouts. This is so that they will stay healthy and active.  
5.    Socialisation 
We will entertain and engage the family member in social interactions such as conversations, and doing their activities together, and they would not feel lonely. 
6.    Additional Services
We will accompany the family member to the hospital if there is no one available to bring them there using public or private transportation.


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