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COVID-19 Recovery Care Package

Spring Cleaning Services offers a 7-days service COVID-19 Recovery Care Package. We understand that with the pandemic, some people might require additional help, be it living alone or having little to no time to provide attention for your family member. 


Here listed are the services we provide in this package: 

1.    Full Residence Disinfection
At Spring Cleaning Services, we only send competent, trained staff to your location that has been trained in both Covid-19 preventative and reactive disinfection. We only use NEA-recommended chemicals and professional-grade misting equipment, making sure that we leave your home clean and bacteria-free. 

2.    Groceries Shopping 
With the Covid-19 pandemic and the progression of the new normal, the Spring Cleaning team can help you shop at supermarkets. There is no need for you to squeeze through the crowds just to purchase your weekly/monthly groceries when you can have someone else do it for you and at the same being socially responsible. 

3.    Cooking 
Our food preparation and cooking services often include sending the team to your house to prepare and cook meals there while taking into account all dietary preferences. 

4.    Cleaning 
All tools, equipment, and chemicals are provided by us. Our team will take care of the deep cleaning and guarantee you a flawless recovery period. We are only equipped with the best professional quality cleaning supplies. You'll have the peace of mind you need knowing that every part of your house is clean, such as the kitchen and rooms. Deep cleaning can refresh your house for a fresh healthy start.

5.    Keeping watch over a family member
Spring Cleaning Services offers keeping watch over your family member during urgent matters when you cannot tend to them. 


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