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Car Wash Services

Car washing is a common practice around the world. With the introduction of new vehicles and the growth of the working class, it has become more popular. It is falsely believed that any service that cleans a car counts as a car wash. In actuality, a car wash is intended to clean a car thoroughly while also preserving its appearance, keeping its gloss and adding to its shine. Numerous experts have developed various ways of washing their vehicles in response to the requirement to leave with a practically spotless clean car.

Car washing services in Singapore are now very popular among drivers. Yet, many are still unaware of its real processes.


Our services at Spring Cleaning Services delivers all the process that is sure to be included in a car wash. We practice the highest standards of car cleaning, ensuring that the car is lively again. We are equipped with the best-qualified team with the most advanced tools and methods. With this, you can revel in the best of both worlds with our car washing services with ease of mind. 

Here are the services that we provide in your car wash:

  1. Pressure wash (includes wheel arches, radiator grille and door shuts)

  2. Snow wash

  3. Clean the engine bay

  4. Vacuum and shampoo the seats

  5. Vacuum floor mats, car boot and ashtray

  6. Clean the door frames and panels

  7. Clean and wipe the windscreen, rear & window screens and side mirrors

  8. Clean and wipe rims and tyres


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