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Keeping Gyms and Nursing Homes Clean

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Keeping Gyms and Nursing Homes Clean

After the blighted situation caused by the pandemic, it becomes more and more important to focus on keeping our surroundings clean, sanitized, and disinfected. Especially when we talk about gyms and nursing homes, these two are places that have higher chances of being prone to a lot of germs and bacteria.

Hence, understanding how to make both of these areas safe to use becomes of utmost importance. As both the spaces do host a lot of people daily but the standard operation procedure of cleaning should differ for both as both these places tackle different types of people from different walks of life. Given below, is the procedure that our disinfection service Singapore follows to provide you the best services.

General Approach

For Gyms

Gyms deal with a lot of equipment and a lot of sweat, hence sanitizing every equipment becomes automatically important. For gyms cleaning, usually, a graded action plan should be made as follows:

1. Inspecting the area

First and foremost the whole area should get inspected by the cleaning team and the type of machines and sanitizing tools that should be used for cleaning the whole gym space.

2. Cleaning

The equipment along with the gym space should get cleaned parallelly with a specialized team. All gym equipment must be handled very carefully and should also be assessed for its working before and after cleaning to avoid any kind of damage. The gym space is cleaned from all four directions, shower rooms to dining rooms, every room is taken care of.

3. Sanitizing and Disinfecting

After cleaning comes to the sanitization and disinfection process, where solutions that have been approved by the guidelines provided by the Government are used by our Cleaning Company Singapore, to cover all the commonly touch-prone areas.

4. Finalizing

Our disinfection team then takes all their equipment after the final sanitization coat and then only the place gets opened-up for public use.

For Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are home to many elderly when they want someone to take care of them, but this dividend is also the most likely to get infected very easily. Hence, our disinfection company in Singapore, take care of this cleaning as professionals can take better care of it. Here we follow a very systematic approach, which is as follows:

  1. Understanding the surroundings The whole nursing home is inspected to create a table that gives information like the number of patient rooms, corridors, shower rooms, offices, etc, to understand how much disinfectant is to be used.

  2. Going through the process Then the whole area gets cleaned and sanitized with disinfectants that follow the guidelines provided exclusively by our cleaning services in Singapore.

  3. Final touches Lastly, our team does the final disinfection coat and leaves the place is ready to use condition.

Points to remember

  • Even after the whole space has been cleaned, self-hygiene in no-way should be neglected. Everyone must wash their hands regularly and all the points in the guidelines given by the government must be adhered to.

  • The cleaning and disinfection process especially in spaces like gyms and nursing homes should be done regularly.

  • Sites are more prone to touch should be declared red-zones and cleaned regularly.

  • Safety of not only oneself but also of others should be kept in mind, therefore, one must always wear a facemask when going into public places.

All the above facilities and standard operating procedures are followed by our company “Spring Cleaning Services” which provides cleaning services in Singapore so that you get the best services offered in this sector at a very reasonable price with just a click and call away. We also provide services in office disinfection, childcare disinfection, house cleaning in Singapore.

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