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  • Tips To Clean Different Types of Upholstery in Singapore

    After a backbreaking day, you deserve the kind of luxury and comfort you get at home. But how? The answer is upholstery furniture! When you have upholstery furniture at home, you need to unwind on a comfy couch with a cup of tea and a book. But it requires proper maintenance and regular care. There are certain things you should look out for while cleaning. Otherwise, it will cause damage to your furniture. As you know, there are a variety of materials available. So it's important to perform proper cleaning measures. But don't worry! Here you will find some handy tips and tricks from the best cleaning services in Singapore on how to clean different types of upholstery furniture. But first, you have to know what upholstery is and its types. Types of Upholstery Materials Upholstery is the art of providing furniture with some coverings. It includes fabrics, leather, springs, padding, etc. You will find several upholstery materials available in the market. We will mention below the 4 main categories of upholstery! Frames Fabrics Leather Suede These are the four most popular fabric types for upholstery. Every material has its own care requirements and cleaning methods. In this blog, you will learn the accurate cleaning methods that meet each type of material care requirement! Different Cleaning Methods for Different Types of Upholstery Materials Frames Let's get to the point! Many upholstery furniture pieces have frames made of aluminum, metal, or wood. For people, they might have seemed like pointless small details. But they don’t know, these small details can make a big difference. It enhances the beauty of the furniture. You need to take care of their cleaning requirements according to the different types of frames. 1. Wood - If you have wood furniture, you should consider these certain things. You can use a simple wood cleaner to clean the furniture. Any microfiber cloth can easily remove or clean the dust or dirt. 2. Aluminium and Metal - They both have the same cleaning techniques. You can clean it with just water and a cloth. But when the substances get stuck, you need a soft brush to remove them. Fabrics The furniture contains fabrics that need special care. You have to consider some things before starting the cleaning! 1. Vacuuming First, you must clean the fabric, whether it's microfiber, rayon, acetate, etc., by vacuuming all over the furniture. 2. Use Upholstery Cleaner Secondly, gently spray upholstery cleaner all over the furniture after vacuuming. Start testing on an inconspicuous area to ensure you lightly spray and not directly on the fabric in the beginning. 3. Wipe With Microfiber Cloth Then scrub the entire upholstery in a circular motion to wipe off all the cleaning solution with a dry microfiber cloth. To protect your upholstery from discoloring, you should avoid using colored or printed cloth. 4. Remove Stain Completely Have a stain on your fabric sofa? To remove the stain completely, gently wipe it across the surface. You can clean off the affected area of the fabric sofa by using alcohol spray. 5. Avoid Harmful Chemicals Avoid those upholstery cleaners that contain chemical components like Perc (perchloroethylene). This chlorinated solvent is harmful to our health. Use solvents that are non-toxic and do not contain chlorinated solvents. Leather Cleaning leather furniture is quite easy. You need to follow these simple cleaning steps! 1. Start with vacuuming. Start with vacuuming to clean the dust particles from every nook and corner. 2. Use leather cleaner. Kindly clean the surface with a dry cloth by applying a small amount of leather cleaner. 3. Substitute You can use old white vinegar as a substitute when the leather cleaner is not available. Just wipe your furniture with a dash of vinegar or dry cloth to achieve the desired results. 4. Avoid Using Cleaner on a Regular Basis As we know, moisture will create a favorable environment for mold, so avoid using lessened leather solvents and cleaners. Rather, you can do vacuuming on a daily basis. 5. Stain-Free Furniture If your leather furniture has stains, spray the upholstery cleaner on the stain and leave it for some time. Gently rub the blot with a wet cloth and let it dry after ten to fifteen minutes. Suede One of the easiest materials that get stained is suede. It's crucial to know about the care requirements. You can maintain the texture of fabrics with suede brushes. Stain repellent comes in handy for increasing the lifespan of fabrics. It also aids in making the process easy. If the material is stained, gently wipe the blot with baking soda and a suede brush. Conclusion As we know, upholstery furniture needs to be cleaned once a week. Or for deep cleaning, it needs to be cleaned once a month. So it's usually quite easy to clean the furniture by yourself. But sometimes, when Stain gets uncontrollable and permanent, this is the time to call the professionals! By following these tips, you can expand the longevity of upholstery furniture. Spring Cleaning Services provides one of the best Upholstery Cleaning Services in Singapore. Our experts know how to clean and maintain your upholstery with the right technique and method. We have highly efficient and skilled workers who perform cleaning services that exceed your expectations. We are the trusted home cleaning experts across Singapore!

  • Different Ways Every Business Owner Benefits From Commercial Cleaning Services

    If you own a business, it should be your first priority to clean and safety-check your workplace. Employees spend a lot of time at the workplace, so it's your responsibility to provide a clean and healthy space to work in. Doing this would not be a problem when you have professional and reliable cleaning services in Singapore! We all know that there are various things to keep in order for higher efficiency. Some tasks are related to your business, such as cleaning. So it would be better if you left this to the professionals! Expanding your business takes time and effort, and you have to perform the tasks better. When we work with a competent company, we will get the highest quality deep cleaning service to maintain a safe environment. They will not only remove the trash and mop the floor but ensure that everything is germ-free and disinfected. But how does every business person benefit from commercial cleaning services? We have curated some advantages that can improve your business! Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services for Businessman A Clean and Safer Environment To maintain a safe environment, you need to ensure that the workplace is clean. Many companies focus on hygiene and health to create a safe environment for employees in the organization. It reduces the chances of spreading diseases and sickness among employees. But we know no one can perform a better job than trained cleaning professionals. Boost the Productivity of Employees A cleaner workplace is equal to a happier and more productive worker. The study proves that maintaining cleanliness in the office helps you achieve maximum employee productivity. Sometimes it's just the overall ambiance of the workplace that stops your employees from being productive. But with the support of trained cleaning services, you can fulfill the daily needs of your workplace. Better and Higher Quality Cleaning We all know that many establishments have their own cleaning staff. They clean the office daily by mopping the floor, wiping the windows, throwing out the trash, cleaning the toilets, and many more. But is this enough? No! You must ensure that your workplace receives proper and deep cleaning rather than maintenance. Apart from this, you should consider getting a professional cleaning service for your office rather than just mopping and wiping! It can prevent sickness-causing germs and bacteria that are not visible. An Extensive Range of Cleaning Services The best thing about selecting a commercial cleaning service company is that a wide range of services is available. They offer office carpet cleaning, disinfection, and part-time cleaning services to move in and out. Custom Commercial Cleaning Services Every establishment has its own specific needs; that's why you can opt for custom-fit services. Many enterprises provide tailor-made services with flexible schedules to companies. So, you can give high-quality cleaning solutions to the workplace they deserve. Increase the longevity of equipment. When you successfully maintain a clean and healthy environment in your workspace, it's valuable. It's beneficial not only to your employees or companies but also for certain types of equipment. Having dust, dirt, or a clutter-free workplace can protect your machines, tools, or equipment from damage. Maintaining them organized and clean will save more money than hiring someone to repair and replace the parts. Workplace with a Professional Appearance The condition of the workplace plays a vital role. It discloses the company's image and how they value its employees. If you are taking assistance from a professional cleaning service to keep your company clean and disinfected. Then it's a plus point for your company to build a reputation around professionalism because professionalism is correlated with cleanliness. Minimise stress As we know, the first and top-most priority of every enterprise is its employees. In contrast, we know cleaning is not at the top of your list due to other significant tasks. You have to focus on expanding your business growth. That's the situation where a trained and skilled commercial cleaner comes in handy! Advanced Cleaning Technology Every cleaning company has its own secret techniques and methods to maintain a clean and healthy workspace. They will use advanced cleaning technologies and products to provide the best solutions. Your workplace is not only clean, but it is also free from germs and bacteria with such technology and products! Professionals who can be relied on Several companies promise to deliver the best services, but they can't. It happens due to a lack of specialists. A reliable company has a team of skilled and professionally trained cleaners who know the best use of solutions and equipment. Enhance the Customer Experience and Satisfaction A clean and well-maintained enterprise is not only good for employees but also for clients and customers as well. It will improve the experience of consumers, which is a positive point for your business. There are high chances of increasing sales and profits. Make your workspace cleaner with spring cleaning We hope these benefits will make you agree to hire a professional cleaner for the company. Don't worry; you don't need to go that far to search for the best cleaners! As we know and understand the value of both health and a safe environment, it is important to create a positive effect on those who enter your company. Spring Cleaning Services provides the best commercial cleaning services in Singapore. We take pride in providing the best and most reliable services to many businesses. Our professional team is highly trained and experienced, reflecting the quality of our services. If you are interested in any service, you can get in touch with our experts!

  • How to Hire A House Cleaning Service In Singapore?

    Especially if you have young children or full-time office work, house cleaning may be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. If you can afford it, hiring a cleaning service may save you time and ensure that your house is always spotless. If you're looking for a good one in Singapore, you need to know exactly what you want and do some research on the reputations and specialties of different businesses. In this post, you'll learn how to make an informed decision on which Domestic cleaning services Singapore to choose for your house. Finding Out Your Needs Decide What You want to be cleaned It's possible to have the service solely deal with the most difficult areas of your house, such as vacuuming a mattress that causes you pain or doing an air treatment to get rid of an unpleasant odor in your room. Depending on the level of cleaning you want, you may be able to choose from a variety of packages. You may anticipate a normal cleaning to include dusting, wiping off surfaces, vacuuming, and arranging your property. Nevertheless, you wouldn't anticipate a thorough cleaning, such as washing and steaming your mattress, from the individual you call in. Decide How Often You Want Your Service to Clean You may only require the service once or twice a month, depending on your family's demands. More regular visits may be an option if you have a larger budget and a more demanding schedule. Alternating weekly cleaning schedules may also be created to guide the cleaning staff to clean various rooms each time they arrive. If you want to keep your mattress looking and feeling its best, we suggest thorough cleaning it once a month. Improved sleep and improved breathing may be achieved by reducing the likelihood of allergies, asthma, eczema, and other symptoms. Define Your Budget Before making phone calls to possible cleaners, check your funds. Determine just how much money you can and are willing to spend with firms. Saying no to organizations who are charging too much while also knowing exactly what services you can afford will be much easier with this method. How to Select a Service Choose a Cleaning Service for Better Legal Protection As a result of hiring a cleaning service rather than a person, the firm assumes responsibility for background checks, worker's compensation, and insurance matters. Families that lack the time or legal expertise to defend themselves in the event of a problem with a specific employee may benefit more from this alternative. An excellent question to pose to prospective cleaning services is whether or not they do background checks on their staff. There is a good chance that any recruits will have been thoroughly vetted by reputable firms. In the long run, the additional expense of hiring a professional cleaning service may be worth it. Ask Potential Companies What They Clean and Charge Typical cleaning services are included by most firms. For each cleaning, they'll let you know whether they charge a fixed cost or a per-room house cleaning Singapore price. Make sure you know exactly what is included and what isn't in the company's regular cleaning charge. Request information about any cleaning services that aren't included on the website. If your firm charges by the hour, you may limit the number of hours the cleaning service is permitted to clean to keep your costs in check. As a result, your home may not be thoroughly cleaned on the initial visit. Ask About Extra Charges for Add-ons Ask whether the organization has ever cleaned anything that wasn't on its regular list of services. After that, be sure to find out how much these extras will set you back. Ask about additional fees if there is anything you want to be cleaned that the provider hasn't stated. The cleaner will not come with any surprises if you provide a precise checklist of what needs to be cleaned. Ask What Cleaning Solutions the Company Uses For Various Surfaces What cleaning products the provider is utilizing in your house will be important to you. Consider this if you are worried about the exposure of your pets or children to particular toxins. It is also important to inquire about the company's ability to clean delicate surfaces such as granite or marble. Because we treat you like family and strive to provide you with a natural atmosphere in your house, we only use eco-friendly cleaning products. Ask For a Trial Cleaning Of Your Home Attempt to establish whether or not a trial meeting with the firm will provide positive results. The cost may be waived if you are dissatisfied with the cleaning services provided to your house. As soon as you've finished the trial, you'll be more comfortable with the idea of paying for the cleaning service. The mattress of your kid should be cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of germs. We'll take care of the dust and other allergies, so you don't have to be concerned about your family's health anymore. Conclusion Hire a home cleaning service if you want to perform a better job but lack the passion and time to do so. To sum it up, here are some pointers to help you choose a trustworthy maid service in Singapore for your prized home. Follow the advice in this article to get the greatest deals on your services.

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  • Cleaning Services Singapore | Spring Cleaning Services

    SPRING CLEANING SERVICES Professional Cleaning Services Book Now! We offer a wide range of cleaning services Our mission at Spring Cleaning Services is simple: to provide high-quality cleaning and disinfection services in Singapore for our valued clients. Get in touch with us for a professional approach to deliver germ free Office and House cleaning services in Singapore through by experienced team. Call for free quotes. Read More Why Choose Us? Professional Approach We combine our skills with your requirements to deliver an efficient cleaning service our team focuses on what you need & what problems you are facing to deliver an outstanding job. Open 7 days a week Whether you want to clean your home before guests arrive at the weekend or Sunday feels the right day to make improvements in it, we can help. Our team is up and running the entire week to provide proficient cleaning services. Bizsafe 3 Certified We are bizSAFE 3 cleaning company certified by WSH Council. You can trust our team to provide professional service without compromising on client & employee safety. We recognise our commitment to safety & health towards our employee & client. Liability Insurance Coverage Worried about your valuable property? There is nothing to worry about! We are insured by one million liability insurance on your property so you can have a peace of mind while we provide our services to your property. Our Featured Services Residential View All Commercial View All "It’s been three months since we are working with Spring Cleaning Services. I have not been disappointed once. Thank you so much for your professional help" John S “I must say that you guys are doing a wonderful job. Due to my tough schedule, I was unable to focus on my home and keep it in a well-cleaned condition. However, Spring Cleaning Services has made it possible to not worry for a single second about the look of my home. Thank you so much for all the help. I would definitely recommend your services to others.” Cindy “Thank you for coming and cleaning the house. It looks much better now. We are just moving out, so we needed to clean it before the next family resides.” Nur What clients say about us? Frequently Asked Questions

  • Affordable Office Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore

    Office Carpet Cleaning Home / Commercial / Office Carpet Cleaning / Professional Office Cleaning Services As the leading provider for office cleaning services, we employ industry-certified strategies and skilful office cleaners to help you make your workplace look ten times better. Whether you are unable to clean your office because you haven’t found the right cleaning time or your budget is on the crunch, we can help. We have a professional team of cleaners who can help you clean your workplace while you deal with other responsibilities. Our prices also depend on the type of service you opt for and factors such as the area and the requirements of the job. In other words, Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore can help you make your office tip-top. Enquire Now Here’s Why You Need Our Services! Protect Your Stakeholder’s Health Without a clean and safe office space, everyone from your customers to the employees comes at great risk. Especially at a time when the pandemic has already put a lot of people on the danger seat, it is crucial to undertake extra precautions to keep your employees safe and secure. This is why our office cleaning services ensure that the end results are in line with health concerns. Maintain Your Company’s External Image If your workspace is not clean and tidy, it can be difficult to attract customers and investors. This is because the physical presence of your office also plays a huge part in driving the business ahead. On the other hand, employees also focus on the physical environment. Without the right one, they might not be motivated to work for you. This is why a cleaner environment is mandatory to keep a high reputation in the industry. Enhance the Life of Your Office An unclean office environment can contribute to lesser productivity. Getting the employees to handle the tasks not only requires proper leadership, but it also needs a safe working space where they can feel comfortable working. However, an unclean office does the opposite of what is desired by the employees. This is why our expert team takes it upon itself to clean your office and make it a much better place for your employees. Perks of Choosing Our Services Professional Approach We employ a professional strategy to deliver results of high quality. Available 7 Days A Week We are available the entire week to provide our office cleaning services in Singapore. So even if you missed out on cleaning during the weekend, we can come to the premises on the weekday and help you clean the office. NEA Licensed We are NEA licensed cleaning company. In this way, you can trust our team to provide high-quality service without any inconvenience. In other words, we guarantee peace of mind with our services. Price Match Guarantee If you are particularly worried about your budget, rest assured as our commercial cleaning services in Singapore are designed as per the needs of your customers. The total price of our services depends upon your special requirements. “Thank you so much for your service. Our office looks much better and clean now.” “Your services were truly hassle-free. A job well done.” “Thank you for helping us clean the office. The employees look much happier just like you promised. Your services were within our budget requirements. We would be recommending your services to other fellow companies as well.” Here's What Our Customers Have to Say About Us! Can't Find What You're Looking For? Contact Us Now Get in touch with us.

  • Condo Cleaning Service Singapore | Condominium Cleaning

    Condo Cleaning Services Home / Commercial / Condo Cleaning Services / Condos are one of the most popular housing solution in Singapore, ideal for small families or even single people who want to share a space. Most condo dwellers belong to the working class, which means that they have busy schedules and long work hours, which leaves them little tile to clean their condos. The cleanliness of a condo must not be compromised, especially if you live in one located close near a heavy highway or down a main road, they are almost as susceptible to dust and dirt as the roads themselves. Also, besides dust, protect your home from car exhaust smoke. In a dirty condo, items such as furniture, curtains and beddings can harbour mites that quickly multiply enough to start causing health issues, causing you to fall behind on your schedule. Recognizing the severity of this issue, Spring Cleaning takes care of household hygiene and offers a professional condo cleaning service that relieves our clients of this burden and enjoy their leisure time in a clean space. Enquire Now Here’s what we do! Our condo cleaning service is designed in a way to offer convenience and suit the need of every condo owner in Singapore. Read on to know more about our service offerings: 1. General Cleaning: Spring Cleaning provides its services on a task-by-task basis so that you can hand over those challenging chores to us while you handle the easy ones. Many condo owners have figured out their cleaning routine and can handle cleaning while juggling with their daytime jobs, but some tasks are still challenging for them. These tasks could include sweeping the floor or cleaning the kitchen after you use it. The task-based option is not restricted to any specifics, and you can choose any task at your ease. 2. Scope for Cleaning: Some areas are more difficult to clean than others, for example, cleaning a bathroom requires specific cleaning agents and techniques. While most people dislike cleaning bathrooms, they are required to do so as it is necessary. Daily wipe down of your bathroom area will prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria. Spring Cleaning provides its cleaning services based on the scope of area to be cleaned, so you can leave the sensitive areas to us and handle the areas you like doing by yourself. Regardless of which area is assigned to us, be it your living room or kitchen, our services remain efficient and effective and our staff uses the same professional approach as it would when cleaning the whole condo. 3. Objects: Some objects in a condo are much more challenging to clean than others and most people may avoid cleaning them for long periods of time until it is time to replace them. Such objects include beddings, curtains, carpets and furniture as many do not have the equipment required to clean these things and they have to be handled with extra care during the cleaning process. ​ For example, you cannot wipe the bedding with a damp cloth or put the curtains in a washing machine. All these things require special techniques and equipment for a thorough cleaning, and Spring Cleaning’s team of expert cleaners will take special care and are trained well in handling these problems. 4. Professional Services: You may like to clean everything in your condo yourself, but there are some things you cannot clean without professional assistance. These include mould and mildew, which are really stubborn to remove, and cleaning them requires more than just simply cleaning the surface. ​ High-tech disinfecting services utilizing modern and advanced cleaning equipment may be necessary too. Fulfill your cleaning needs at wallet-friendly prices with Spring Cleaning Services, we will take care of your household hygiene in the most professional way to get your home sparkling clean at low maintenance. 5. Deep Cleaning: Also, just because something appears clean, it may not be. Many people handle the superficial cleaning well, but forget that a seemingly clean surface may still harbour microorganisms that make the environment contaminated for weeks or months. Washing and disinfecting of sink and basin as well as the cleaning of kitchen hob are some of the services you can expect if you are looking for deep cleaning for your kitchen. Our Spring Cleaning team will be onboard to assist you with deep cleaning services customized for specific occasions and cleaning needs, ensuring that we thoroughly clean everything in your condo on a microscopic level and there are no hidden pathogens in your condo. Can't Find What You're Looking For? Contact Us Now Get in touch with us.

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