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Part Time Cleaner

Maid Services That Bring You Value

Unable to find a helping hand? Do you find it difficult to clean your home and maintain its cleanliness? Then, we are here to help. A part-time maid is all that you need. Whether you have a tough schedule and cannot complete your work on time or you have difficulties in cleaning effectively, we got you covered.

Depending upon the need of our customers, maids can provide various home care services such as cleaning, cooking, and nanny. While some people prefer to employ full-time paid maids, others do not need any worker working full-time. They rather prefer part-time maids who can do the cleaning work weekly or whenever required. In this way, employing a part-time maid is particularly useful because the routine chores can be undertaken at a time, which is convenient for you.

Looking for a Part-time helper in Singapore?

Here's Why You Should Hire Our Services

The part-time maids we outsource have extensive experience in the field of cleaning and homecare. Our part-time cleaner force can help you clean your house daily almost every day, from rooms to the bathroom. They can even help you iron clothes and empty the rubbish bin. Some maids can also provide babysitting services and take care of the sick individuals in your home.

Before hiring anyone, we ensure that all the individuals are trustworthy and reliable. In this way, you won't have to worry about the safety of our services. To ensure convenience, our customers can evaluate the background information of our maids. All the part-time helpers, cleaners, and maids are vetted for their skills, knowledge, experience, commitment, reliability, and integrity. They are also interviewed in a proficient manner, so only the most competent maids are hired.

​All of our part-time maids are local Singaporeans or permanent residents. Our customer service is also available over the week who can help you in case of any problem with our services. And the budget is not an issue at all! Our services are some of the most affordable in Singapore. So you can get the benefits of our domestic help without worrying about your budget. Sit back, relax and hire a Part-time helper in Singapore from Spring Cleaning Service​

After all, having extra support these days is quite helpful. Some of the tasks that are part-time helpers can deal with include vacuuming emptying the trash, mopping the floors, cleaning the bathtub, wiping off the dust from the electrical appliances, cleaning the toilet bowl and sink, changing the pillowcases, and wiping the countertops. Some additional chores that our part-time helpers can take care of consist of ironing clothes, laundry, wiping the windows, rearranging furniture, and cleaning the inside of the oven or fridge.

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