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Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Singapore

Unable to keep your house in a top-notch condition? Is your schedule too difficult to even clean your house on the weekend? We got you covered! Our household cleaning services will make it easy for you to clean every corner of your home while you deal with other tasks in your schedule. Be it bedrooms, washrooms, or the living room, we can help you in keeping your home in top-notch condition.

Office Cleaning Services

Offices also need to be kept in good condition. After all, if your customers, partners, and employees are not provided with a safe and good working environment, then they might not be motivated to work with you. This is why we bring you the opportunity to get your office cleaned by the experts and make it a ravishing place to work at.

Tuition Centre Cleaning

Students deserve to study in a clean place. Teachers, in the same way, require a safe and well-cleaned place to undertake their responsibilities. This is why it is important that you work with a professional company, which can clean every single corner of your tuition centre, constructing a clean environment.

Household Disinfection

Sanitizing the areas and items in your home has become very important. Especially if you have young kids or old-aged individuals in your home, it is crucial to disinfect it in order to prevent illness and diseases from spreading. This is where our team can help. By using the right materials, we can reduce the risk of contamination by making your home clean and safe.

Office Disinfection

The coronavirus has changed how we clean, sanitize, and disinfect the workplace. We know how crucial it is to provide a safe working environment at a time when the risks are very high. This is why our team employs a safe and effective strategy to clean your space with the right materials at the disposal.

Childcare Disinfection

Cleaning, disinfection, and sanitizing the childcare is also important, so the children can learn in a well-cleaned setting. Our team ensures that when you trust us with cleaning your childcare, we use standardized materials and a professional strategy to provide a proficient service.

Construction Site Disinfection

Construction sites have also been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Other diseases are also common at the site, particularly because of the group setting. Therefore, it is important that you also disinfect and sanitize the construction site to make it safer for your workers. Our Cleaning Services in Singapore can help you clean the building or facility, especially when someone is sick.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Using modern methods and resources, our Cleaning Services in Singapore helps in removing dirt, grit, allergens, sand, and stains from your carpet and make it look ten times better. Our cleaning procedure depends on your need. Be it dry steam cleaning or carpet shampooing, we will make sure our methods get rids of all the bacteria and smell to make your carpet top-notch once again.

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are one of the most ignored or neglected parts of any home. You are bound to forget them while they keep on guarding your home against sunlight and dirt for years. Our team brings you the chance to get your curtains dry cleaned in an expert manner. We can help get rid of any dirt or smell from the curtains while uplifting their overall look.

Mattress Cleaning Service

Just changing your sheets is not enough to clean your mattress. Doing so will make your mattress look new, but if you haven’t focus on removing stains, dirt, and dust from the mattress, you are putting your health at risk. Our Cleaning Services in Singapore will help you clean your mattress, ensuring you can have a good night’s rest.

Maid Service

Unable to clean your home by yourself, so you need someone else to do it for yourself? Is your schedule too tough that you can’t even clean your living room? We got you covered. Our team can match you with professional and reliable maids. In this way, you can get your house cleaned in a professional manner while you deal with other matters.

Part Time Cleaner

Don’t want to hire a full-time cleaning team but still want professional help? You can hire our team on a part-time basis as well. Our team can come to your premises according to the time that is convenient for you and complete the job in the set time.

Move Out Cleaning

Moving out of your home and want to clean it before the next party comes? Our move-out cleaning service is just for you. By using the right resources and approach, we will work in a swift and reliable manner to clean and disinfect the premise effectively.

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