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Office Carpet Cleaning

First impressions are paramount. When a potential client visits your office for this first time, a clean office makes a good impression on your premises. Impressing your clients is probably a crucial part of many businesses and it can make it much more appealing and welcoming for your clients. Leaving an impression that your company pays attention to small details instils trust in the client before he assesses the efficiency of your services or quality of your products. 

Undoubtedly, the look of your office is crucial and there is certain decor or furnishings that you can utilize such as chandeliers and carpets to enhance them. However, such decor are generally very high maintenance and routine maintenance is essential.

For example, a carpet will complement your space’s interior design and can make your area more attractive and luxurious, thus impressing your clients. Carpet is the perfect flooring option for any cosy space and pick one that has accent colours for your carpet. On the other hand, some clients can be turned off if the carpet is dirty, has stains or has unwanted odours. Also, if carpets are cleaned in an improper manner, they may be more prone to dirtiness due to sticky residues left behind.

Every company should hire professionals for proper office carpet cleaning maintenance and Spring Cleaning is here to help you with all your cleaning needs. Engaging our team for office carpet cleaning services can be the first step in retaining the pristine and professional look of your work environment.

Office Carpet Cleaning:

When you think of regular office carpet cleaning, using a vacuum cleaner or pressure washer may come to mind. These solutions can be a very tedious task if the carpet has not been cleaned properly in a long time.

The following are some of Spring Cleaning’s professional carpet cleaning services offered:

1. Deep Cleaning:

We offer deep cleaning instead of general cleaning services. Deep cleaning uses the same cleaning approach, but professional techniques are required and it is more time consuming.

Brushing the carpet first removes superficial dust and dirt, followed by vacuuming, which removes accumulated dirt, dust, food particles, and other such grains.

This is the most effective method if you have recently got your carpet cleaned thoroughly and would like to preserve its fresh appearance. Although it gets the carpet clean, it does not restore it to near-new condition.

2. Stain Removal:

Any stain on any fabric can be quite tricky to remove with most detergents, cleaning agents and washing machines. If that stain is on carpet, the issue intensifies as you cannot put it into any machine. Even if you can, drying it will be a struggle.

Cleaning stains from carpets takes specialized techniques and agents, and Spring Cleaning's team of professional carpet cleaners does it proficiently.

Whatever the stain, we will be able to remove it from your carpet without damaging the fiber of your carpet and making sure it retains its softness. Our products do not damage the pigment either, so you can rest assured that the stain will be removed, but the colour will remain intact.

3. Dust & Dirt Removal:

After removing all the stains, we will deal with the dust and dirt encrusted deep in your carpet fibres. In order to clean your carpet effectively, we use a pressure washer with our specialized cleaning agents.

Our cleaning agents dissolve dust and dirt into water, while our pressure sprayer forces the particle of the fabric out of the carpet. Subsequently, we drain them into a gutter so that they do not reappear on other surfaces.

4. Mites:

Dust, dirt and food particles on your carpet become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mites and other microorganisms, which could make you sick. The mites can also cause diseases and multiply over time, therefore making your carpet unclean.

Spring Cleaning uses chemicals designed to kill and remove the microorganisms without damaging the carpet. Hence, ensuring it is unlikely for such organisms to exist and breed in your carpet for months, so you do not have to repeat the next cleaning process sooner than necessary.

Spring Cleaning has a strict policy of using only environmentally friendly cleaning agents, so you can rest assured that your carpet is safe from harsh chemicals.

Moreover, we use adequate precautionary measures when using them and remove them before leaving so you will not be exposed to harsh chemicals afterwards.

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